Ubicación: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Material: PTFE
Área: 12,156
Arquitectura: B+H Architects, HKS Sports
Propietario: Propiedad de la Ciudad de Regina
Ingeniería EstructuralWalter P. Moore
Contratista General: PCL Construction Management Inc.
Año: 2016

FabriTec fue contratado para el diseño y la construcción de un techo con una cubierta fija elaborada con una membrana de PTFE tensado, con el propósito de cubrir el área de asientos en el Estadio Mosaic, el cual tiene una capacidad de 33,000 espectadores, sin embargo se quiere renovar el estadio para aumentar su capacidad a 40,000 espectadores con el fin de poder recibir eventos mucho más grandes tales como el juego de campeonato de la Copa Gris de la Liga Canadiense de Fútbol.

We are writing this letter to acknowledge the efforts that FabriTec Structures LLC provided for the installation of the Tensile Membrane Roof (PTFE) for the new Mosaic Stadium project. FabriTec Structures provided knowledge and expertise in a unique and specialized scope of work. The stadium is the new, iconic facility for the City of Regina and the Province of Saskatchewan as it will be the new home for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The success of any project depends on the team that is assembled to work on it. With the assistance of the trade partners including FabriTec, the project was successful in delivering the project on time for the scheduled substantial completion of August 31, 2016.

FabriTec was an active participant in the design assist and Value Engineering for the structural steel roof design. They also provided solutions to various problems as well as cost savings ideas for consideration. The strength and experience throughout the roof design was evident and FabriTec was a contributing partner throughout this process. With the challenging climate of Saskatchewan, Canada, weather is a large consideration. FabriTec worked with PCL on options for managing snow and ice on the PTFE membrane including design consideration to minimize potential impacts.

They have shown to be proactive in their approach to receiving and providing information and their end product shows the quality and care that their workers provide. FabriTec’s attention to detail for the installation and Quality Control was evident throughout the project delivery.

Our overall experience with FabriTec was favorable and we look forward to working with FabriTec on future projects.

Colin Haus
Project Manager

PCL Construction Management Inc.

We are very happy to have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for FabriTec Structures, LLC. We have collaborated with FabriTec on numerous occasions. In each and every case, the individuals that we dealt with were extremely knowledgeable, professional, creative, and easy to work with.

One recent example of partnership between FabriTec and Walter P Moore resulted in the successful design and construction of the roof of the new Mosaic Stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. The 33,000-seat stadium is part of the Regina Revitalization Initiative in Regina, Saskatchewan. Walter P Moore designed a trussed structural steel roof canopy to receive almost 200,000 square feet of PTFE tensile fabric.

FabriTec was brought on board the Mosaic Stadium team as a design/assist partner before the structural design was finalized. This arrangement allowed extremely close collaboration between Walter P Moore’s structural engineers and FabrTec’s structural engineers. Close teaming allowed for a effective blend of technical expertise from both sides that fostered the creation of a robust and efficient design. For projects such as these, the line between the Engineer of Record’s scope and the Fabric Designer’s scope can become somewhat blurred. It becomes critical that your collaborative partner is a trusted and reliable one. This project was an example of just such a partnership.

Positive experiences like this and many others have made working with FabriTec a very desirable experience. We hope to continue this relationship into the future.

Joseph Dowd, PE

Walter P Moore and Associates, Inc.

2018 Outstanding Achievement
Tensile Structures, >2,300 square meters (24,756 square feet)
IFAI International Achievement Awards

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